just a choice right now between fear and love

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It isn't like they say on tv. You're not keeping up with the world. It's not relaxing you. It's hypnotizing you. So are a lot of websites. THIS is what I should have sent to Brad years before I wasted all that time trying to get through to him, to the people who visited that place. It's SO simple, and NOTHING makes people SEE. The only one who can do it is you. Just some of us keep harping, living through all our shortcomings and trying some more.

I was listening to Dennis yelping about no humans being illegal, only undocumented, while he was running for president. I don't think even he gets that "undocumented" sounds worse fascist than "illegal". You don't need DOCUMENTS to be HUMAN! You don't need CREDENTIALS to be SENTIENT. They don't hear themselves. They don't even know where the conditioning is coming from. They don't know they ARE conditioned.

They think the TV is just neutral if you don't take it seriously, not imagining it's doing the lion's share of the damage. What damage? They think what they see on it represents something other than training them to think and feel certain ways. It's entertainment. It's a sort of sociological exercise. They think their skepticism is healthy and it's not getting them. They have college degrees and high IQs.

American "carbivores" of all shapes and sizes and walks of life don't understand that the sugar coming at them from every single thing in the grocery store and the fluoride in their water and toothpaste and the bromine in their bread and... and... and... are making them DEPRESSED, and LETHARGIC, and APATHETIC, and all the ugliness on the tube and in the news is just piling on, turning them into ABJECT BLOBS OF WASTED HEART on the floor, or rushing off to work, before finally making it home to flop out on that collapsing couch with a game or a show, plus a couple hundred thousand perfectly-titrated sound bites minutely calculated to pack their storehouse consciousness with MISERABLE crap that keeps their will to LOVE on the other side of the galaxy, a bitter memory, too, too far gone. They stay certain they can never get it back.

The most resilient of them will come online and argue over politics or fly into fits of rage over evidence of another's lack of intellect or political correctness or taste or morals... sling shit at conspiracy theorists who agitate their serene agony... whatever works off the stress of a guilty blob of abjection a cosmos away from his own heart.