i hope john got to see the whole thing

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It was a hundred minutes long and each moment of the totality is millennia in the sight of beginninglessness itself.


I hope none of you neglected THIS video in my earlier post about the pushbutton revolutions, despicably referred to lately as the "Arab Spring" by fucking lightless sons of swine. I think it takes a while to load, but it might just be that page fighting with my Safari browser plugins. Even if it's a hassle, it's important to keep at least half an ear on it. Vital.

In fact, maybe you want to make that video viral. Maybe you want to make sure Anonymous has it. Somebody could maybe email it to any of a thousand dickless inactivists posing on the internet.

THEY know you muster kids with texting and concerts and VIDEO GAMES and they have all the resources in the world to devote to it. Maybe they can't keep their work product from some as yet unknown LEADERS who can use the master's own tools to beat him. Or maybe you don't want to bother with the "progressive" poseurs, because they WILL find an excuse not to go there, AND find a way to neutralize its possible use by those who WON'T fish around for excuses and will get to it.

Could we maybe hope to start something they will not RUIN by associating it with psychotic, racist, ugly, selfish, STUPID hillbillies? Is that possible? Is that an option?