in defense of space lizard bodhisattvas

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You would be right if you think I have issues with Kissinger's "useless eaters" quip and Rove's magnanimous assurance that we could watch, but not, probably for the reasons you might think. Most of us ARE useless eaters. FEW of us deserve more than to sit here gaping at them knocking us off at random and at will. It didn't have to be this way, and, yes, they have done everything in their power to make sure it's this way, but THEY are not the only responsible people on this planet. You might not like the fact that victims have as much responsibility for the state of things as perps do, but them's the breaks. Get over it. Or suffer.

In fact, rarely contemplated and even more rarely discussed, a rock bottom minimum percentage of victims who would or do not turn perp at the whim of their fortunes is 90%. I have thought some moments, here, to come up with THE most generous assessment possible, and we all know it's much closer to 100% than that. It is NOT 100%, but it is close.

I'm using "victims and perps" here instead of "victims and victimizers" because I want to stress the criminality and corruption of the latter right along as I'm stressing the responsibility and corruptibility of the former. Perps, here, are those to whom I usually refer as "space lizards", not because they necessarily are, but because it's fully as though they are... and... bend over... every single day there is more REAL evidence that WE are... that humans are either fully of off world origin or hybrids of earthlings and space aliens. Mox nix. Back to the point.

SINCE we do not step in and take full responsibility for the state of things, AND the planet needs to lose a few billion souls really, really badly, before we kill her and blow her to bits, it is well the fittest, indecent as they unquestionably are, get to this survival imperative. Yep, they are greedy pigs who deserve to suffer the most of anyone, but so are their victims. If their victims were not dirt lazy spiritually, greedy for their own serenity to an outright lethal extent, and pusillanimous in the extreme, no matter WHAT compensatory theatrics they are wont to evince, the fittest would be the most meritorious instead of the meanest and least lazy, and the future would be bright.

It is at such a pass that, failing many thousands more people determinedly going about awakening, the best hope for ANY life on earth are the fuckers who


trying to kill us.

Purposely. Expressly. Vindictively. Laughingly. Profitably.

Killing us.