i looked at the news

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The laws of physics are changing at my house.

No. Really.

Water is dripping up. The walk to the store has a new slope. My footfalls are alternating between the good old tromping sound and barely seeming to hit the ground at all. The rosemary is four times its normal size and the daisies are half theirs. There are a bunch of people out there... doing things... nothing special... pounding a can of Rock Star over the funky little corn bin in front of the grocery. I think one of those guys was trying to get an ear in his pants.

As a drip was leaping up from my countertop, I said, "The laws of physics are changing. It's the alignment." I just said it. I was not thinking. As I was saying it, I looked out the window as though to gaze at stars in the daytime. It was a blank blue sky, that at this moment has some fantastically-formed wisps of cloud, but it was blank and the alignment was a raven flying right over me at that moment. Ravens are very lucky for me. I don't have Poe's problem, and I'm not upset about the physics.

But I am upset about the news.