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Ian Crane might actually not be obsessed with Israel perfidies to any degree nearly as obsessive as I had so heavily suspected. I am not yet sure if I have not confused him with someone else, or if I had it right, but he has other dimensions. Anyway... heavy sigh... I have been listening to this lecture while coping with the loss of one of my favorite YouTube channels wiping out many too many of my playlists... and this Ian Crane sounds NOTHING like the one whose nukequake stuff I thought I'd had a pretty good look at. This was a really informative and inspiring lecture.

I just made another playlist of him, because I think this one will fizzle out before I'm done wading through the wreckage of so many playlists and posts, restoring as much as I can and maybe just going to do a master list of links to Tsarion playlists... something....

So, hedzup, Crane may deserve your time and attention even more than I was grudgingly beginning to think already. The grudging part being the product of my possibly making a mistake in my assessment. The Swedes asking him questions are focussing on the Israeli thing, but I don't think he mentioned them at all in the whole talk.


TOKYO, Jun (Reuters) - The operator of Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant, said on Saturday it had suspended an operation to clean up radioactive water only hours after it had begun as radiation levels rose faster than expected.

"The level of radiation at a machine to absorb cesium has risen faster than our initial projections," said a spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power Co.

The plan had got underway on Friday after being delayed by a series of glitches.

Officials had said earlier this week that large and growing pools of radioactive water at the Fukushima Daiichi plant were in danger of spilling into the sea within a week unless action was taken quickly.

Tepco has pumped massive amounts of water to cool three reactors at the plant that went into meltdown after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disabled cooling systems.

But managing the radioactive water has become a major headache as the plant runs out of places to keep it. Around 110,000 metric tones of highly radioactive water is stored at the plant.
Translation: We really were seeing something happening the other night.


If you aren't going to spend the time, at least listen to the first five minutes or so of THIS segment.


I have turned to grubbing through my sundry emails to spot the link that started me on my confusion about Ian Crane, Ian R. Crane, and my whole thing about the eagerness to blame the bottomless perfidies of Israelis was based on research I'd done on someone COMPLETELY ELSE, not EVEN the same name, and so I'm just having a senior moment here... a few days long... and so, to the buddhas of the ten directions and the intertubes, I most humbly apologize for screwing this up. Ian R. Crane is darn cool, and the guy with whom I had him confused is, in fact, maniacal about the planet-swallowing Zionists.

I'm actually relieved I just had the names mixed up. I thought my discernment must have been being eaten by my own immune system or something. Sheesh.

It's hell being me.