it's alive

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I was dragged from my deathbed in the bliss of the surf sounds at the ungodly hour of four ayem, by a GLEEFUL man who LOVES to tease and torture me... and who is aces at getting up at whatever ungodly hour. Billy, bless his heart, even had my coffee water ready for me as he maneuvered me up the stairs and around all the breakable things to do my coffee and go out on the deck and smoke and talk. Part of the fun of it is that I not only bump into things, but my words come out upside down as well... until I've had enough coffee... and I tellz yiz, nines is a hoot when she's just gotten "up" [I had to back up and put quotes around that word. I mean, honesty is the best policy.] So. Morning found me all put together and out the door and racing, laden with my stack of lab and radiology referrals and prescriptions, toward Fort Bragg from Stinson Beach to get there in time for the dentist to make the molds for the teeth whitening thing.

You will recall I had driven to Stinson directly after the dentist on Tuesday.

No prob.

Ask Billy.

So, then I zipped over to Mendo World's hospital to get all nine hunnert blood tests and they had to send me through Emergency, out into the parking lot, hang a left, and there will be a well marked building that says "IMAGING CENTER" all over it. Ain't we chic? So I, again, got imaged to within an inch of my life. My mouth was imaged with the fanciest-fangled gizmos you ever even saw on Tuesday, and today my entire cervical spine, plus upper thoracic were equally snitzily "imaged". My woort and stars, I sat atop one fun rolly stool and postured away for the camera like a supermodel. Rikki, the tech, was wildly impressed. Except, the machine is SO new she had to go find the equipment manager to find out how to tell the machine which views were which and make the sucker send the spectacular imagery to wherever it goes next.

Then, hopped right back into my go cart from the eighth dimension and drove among the pinheads clear to Lakeport to make lunch at T&T's with Mom and Kathleen. It should have taken two hours at the most. It took longer. Pinheads on Highway 20, white-knuckled pinheaded fellow motorists.


I'll have what she's having.

She was having a margarita.

I got to take a half-hour nap and then we're off to the grand opening of the local optometrist's new store. Catered. His band was providing the entertainment. Millions of Rotarians squeezed into a store full of spectacles.

I found my ideal nerdy horn-rimmed frames. I have to make him save them until I can afford them.

Had a motherfucking hot flash.


Went out for some shade with a bottle of water and a cigarette.

Lived through it.

Are we home yet? Not a chance.

Auntie Edna and Uncle Jack are up for the weekend. So next stop, relatives, basking on their back porch next to the lake. Nines is now so tired she's making almost as much sense as she was at four this morning.

My fingers are numb, but I still love you.

I think Mister North was trying to tell us something with that link I put at the image, and, well, he's often right about things.


Oh. Here. Have yerseff a nice hearty laugh.
Prosecutors have serious questions about the credibility of a hotel housekeeper who has accused former International Monetary Fund leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn of raping her, and they are taking the extraordinary step of seeking a substantial reduction in his pricey bail, a person familiar with the case said Thursday.
Ya think?


I am now going out into the back yard to get away from the blasting television and have myself a good cleansing cry over Hugo Chavez. He is strong as an ox. He will make it.

He. Will. Make. It.