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You will recall my griping about my numb fingers. Well, we tested my ulnar nerves in both arms up to the neck and the picture is not promising. X-rays, MRI... the disk at C7/T1 is almost certainly on its way out.

AT GREAT, GREAT EXPENSE TO MY MOTHER A LOT OF LONG OVERDUE DENTISTRY IS ROLLING DOWN THE PIKE AT US. This could prove endlessly entertaining. KB is a kick. He was just finishing a root canal on some guy when I got there. I heard him say to the guy, "Was it as good for you as it was for me?" Big improvement from the unsafe Marathon Man In Drag dentist who has been torturing me over the past few months.

And... they want more of my precious bodily fluids... gallons of blood. Doctor wants me to go to an eye doctor, too, about the iritis thing. I know a bunch of old people and they insist this shit is never going to thin out. I'm like, FUCK YOU, it will too! I'm not trying this hard only to fail. I'm NOT 88. I'm FIFTY eight. Big diff. A whole life with the perfect machine to haul my ass around is not going to fail me now. It just needs something essential and all this crap will go away and not come back until I am ACTUALLY old.

That's flat. And DON'T argue.

I probably won't be happening online for another day.