language is the primary route for delusion

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It cannot nail down actuality for people because their minds need to be tuned to recognize actuality before even the most explicit words make sense to them. This is partially due to the very nature of language itself, INCLUDING math, and heavily to do with the purposely misleading words and logical fallacies pumped into your subconscious even when you think you are consciously impervious to bullshit.

Memes are DANGEROUS as hell. Figures of speech can hold time release nukes. You CANNOT ever SEE by means of a lexical route. You must use one to learn how to start toward the proper frame of mind for the crucial insight, but the seeing is COMPLETELY separate from anything words or left brain constructs can encapsulate. You can memorize all scriptures and not be any closer to it. What is of critical importance is for you to remove yourself from further malign mental conditioning.

One thing that is still excellent about the intertubes is that you CAN find bodhisattvas' encouragement on it.


Another hint about the idiocy of what we are conditioned to call the world would be THIS. Do you want these Einsteins to be sought as authorities for brain function and attention? They are. ARE YOU NUTS? That is so pathetic I could tear out all my hair and scream down the apocalypse. MORONS do service as authorities just like EMPTY-HEADED narcissists do service as legislators.

This is but one example of the posthumanism that is ALREADY upon us.