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GeorgeAnn Hughes brings up Grid of the Gods with Joseph Farrell.

Flashes of truth spark off this exchange left and right.


I find it outright cosmic I should run across this so quickly on the heels of a discussion with Phil over the actual meaning of karma, the difference between the modern misinterpretation of it and the original description of it.


And hard on the heels of that synchronicity comes THIS one, which is also a meditation on this grid, this Indra's net, this representation of reality in terms comprehensible by sentient beings.

I feel even more harshly about John Lash's shortcomings as a giver of dharma than I do about that St Clair fellow, almost outright animosity, but I think his story does give something of the flavor of actuality, however accidentally he may have stumbled upon it. You just take the anthropomorphism out of it, turn it all into the clockwork of the interplay of cosmic action [karma], and Bob's yer uncle... ish....

Might help if you remember about alignment with the galactic center coming in 2012. This story is not literal. It's a story encoding knowledge of actuality... and Lash may have done a too imperfect job of it, but I see flashes of truth coming from it.

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In a sense, my doctoral work in Out There, beside being for thought experimenting and catching the flashes of truth from wherever they're being sparked, is a way for me to settle down about the proliferation of charlatans in the very areas that most concern us, the areas most vital to our victory over the malign.

It's exactly analogous with my animosity toward the inactivists posing as activists on the internet, and getting used to people purposely pretending to fill a need, a vital need, for MONEY is a big hurdle for me. Whenever you are dealing with someone who has SEEN the truth, money is nowhere to be found. That sight UNERRINGLY generates SUCH an insurmountable mass of gratitude, no human feels they can ever adequately repay all being for this gift. It happens on lower levels of truth than the spiritual. For instance, Ben Fulford. People become agitated about his fantastical statements and go to his site to try to get a better picture and find they must pay for a subscription to accomplish it. Boom. Liar. EXCEPT, I heard Fulford telling Jeff Rense and David Wilcock that anyone who emails him that they cannot afford it gets a free subscription. So there we find a guy who needs to feed himself, having been marginalized by the mainstream, but who STILL is so grateful for the truth, and loving because of being accorded the privilege of it, that he will not exclude anyone who cannot pay.

So you might find the truly awakened making a living off books and/or DVDs, or whatever, but you will not find them keeping the truth from you if you cannot pay. They will GIVE you the books and/or DVDs, or whatever, even if it costs them more than they can pay. This is 100%. You are not dealing with an awakened being if they will exclude you from any knowledge when you are unable to pay. In matters of spiritual awakening, if there is a charge, it is entertainment, not dharma, no matter WHAT they or you call it.

The proliferation of charlatans is teaching me to have more faith in the rightness of karma.

The hurt can only be removed from those determined to transcend it.