my gramma's out there tsking that she told me so

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I have poor posture. It has never seemed to me to be a discipline worth cultivating... sort of in the same boat with fussing with makeup here... too stupid. My grandmother poked holes in my arm with her fork to keep me from holding my head up with my left hand while eating. Didn't work. I can see the priggish physical therapist practicing what he preached about the proper posture to maintain to prevent needing more disks replaced. He looked like an idiot, like some nut on tippytoe to keep his nose above water rather than just give in and swim, like a pathologically enthusiastic healing professional. I was already too tired from the thyroid hormones and vitamin D draining from my blood and NOT given to such hyper-vigilance about my person in any case.

Well, haw haw, I'm gonna have to wrap my left arm onto a board now, or SOMETHING, because I need those two fingers.