no. really.

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A guy named Alrick Brown made this little masterpiece in response to the stolen election in 2004. You would think that if anything would work, that would. I just went to check Alrick's action since Ofucker's election, and I'm not sure, but it seems this little masterpiece got him the attention he said he didn't want at the time. Seems he's a filmmaker now, if he wasn't when he did it.

Point is: This thing should have gotten EVERY American out in the streets, reminded of the heroes, the giants, who fought and won and were murdered that we might be free, be the real America for everybody at last, but it just made tears spring to our eyes at our desks for a moment, let it slip back into the dense fog, and forgot it utterly before a month had passed.

I posted it over at the Lair back in February of 2008 to, evidently, serve as a spam magnet there. I've had to delete quite a few spam comments from it already.

Point is: We're spectators and spammers of the heroes and giants who died for us. NOTHING you can put on video rouses us from our hypnotized rush toward the cliff. There isn't anything you can click to restore the power and effectiveness of the titans mentioned in this piece. No amount of graphic depictions of the slaughter taking place in our name makes even a furry little ear prick up from the tightly-packed suicide trance masses, determined to make it off the cliff. No amount of political rhetoric, and no amount of screaming from its echo chambers, from whatever sector, derails a whisker on even one from our teeming and stampeding death wish.

It's almost a bullet train of lemmings to the apocalypse by now.

So I try to bring you things that highlight the hypnotized part, NOT as an insult, NOT to rub your nose in anything, but simply to pierce the confidence with which you go about killing yourselves and too many others. Bullhorns don't work. Media don't work. Maybe thought experiments and images of people with heart trying their best to tell the truth, to help everyone, and interviews with men and women completely outside the box, and snippets from spiritual masters, whatever I can find that might knock a synapse off its well-worn groove with just the right english, give you the idea that, hey, you really might need to go back and review, no matter HOW much validation for your error pops up on the tube or on the tubes.

If I had the wherewithal to be out there grabbing your lapels and bellowing about this in your faces, be assured, THAT is where I would be.