oh please let us kill qaddafi

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You can keep your investments, but puleeeeeze let us slaughter more people.

He was going to keep it all for Libyans. Fucker has to go.

Oh, you don't trust us? You'd trust Angela, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?



Joaquin Phoenix is SUCH a good actor! I know when someone is that good when they can make me hate their guts in a movie. Robin Williams, who I love in person and in movies, made me hate his guts in Insomnia. Blew me away. I still can't even look at a picture of Louise Fletcher, so much did I hate Nurse Ratched. But Joaquin Phoenix so totally embodied the slinking slime ball Commodus—LOOK at those icy eyes—that it's a damn good thing he went on right away to play a bunch of good guys or I'd hate his visage as much as Ofucker's to this day.

People continually holler at me, "It's ONLY a movie, nines," but NOT when it's a good movie. I'm there. I'm in it and a couple of them have been so horrifying I had to run from the building not to break the screen. I know Reservoir Dogs was a masterpiece, for instance, but you can't get me though the scene where the guy's tied to the chair. Nope. I was outta there in a New York minute. When Robert the Bruce's leper father told of his betrayal in Braveheart, I instantly leapt and sobbed and found myself LITERALLY wrapped backward around my seat in the theater. My fellow theater-goers were not the least miffed at me for such a display. I think they wished they'd done similarly.

So, really, this image is the PERFECT one for this post. A dickless caesar. Perfect.

The first shipment of Libyan oil arrived to the US on Ju[ne] 8th, following a deal signed by the US and the Transitional National Council, the self-proclaimed legitimate government of Libya. The sale finally reveals the true reasons behind the NATO campaign, previously described as an attempt to provide security for Libyan civilians. The said civilians keep suffering, NATO forces keep trying to break the stalemate and America seems to be the only side of the conflict benefitting from the so-called “rescue operation”. Meanwhile representatives of Arab and Western countries are meeting in the United Arab Emirates to discuss Libya’s future after the presumed end of Muammar Gaddafi. However Gaddafi doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to give up, which was clearly demonstrated by the lack of results of NATO bombardments of Tripoli.
I shouldn't have looked. Truly, but I guess, as long as I'm outraged, I might as well just make my eyes bleed and get it over with. I don't know how I'm going to manage the sutra with these numb fingers, but I'll think of something.


Say, maybe we should call our dickless caesar "ACCOMMODUS"....