robbing us of our heritage

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It isn't only Egypt's antiquity. It's mankind's antiquity. It isn't only the knowledge baked into clay tablets for us in Sumer, Babylon, IRAQ, being ripped off by power movers who want us to remain ignorant zombies, it's everything that has already been stashed away in museums and everything still extant on the Giza plateau and THINK of all the ancient sites across the globe, the signposts for posterity, looted... NOT by irreverent locals and hungry grave robbers, but by the very people put in charge of their protection. Handing it all right over to... to whom? To the highest bidder? Or to the ones who will kill every last one of us before they will let us know what we have been supposed to know for millennia.

Think of all the animal die-offs. Think of the radiation in Fukushima. Think of the sludge filling the Gulf of Mexico. Think of all the poison they don't even have to tell you is in your food anymore. Think of all the lethal frequencies from "ionospheric heaters" and defense radars and weather radars and cell phones and towers. Think of the people being bombed in their sleep by our drones. Think of the "oil deal" we just did with a bunch of thugs smuggled into Libya to play the opposition and the smarmy negotiations being done to keep anyone from coming to Libya's aid. Think of the looting of Baghdad. Think of the profligacy of these fuckers as people starve to death across the globe. Think of the millions of utterly benighted denizens of the First World all around you.

If you have any inclination that this state of technological "advancement" is anything more than cave men bashing each other with clubs, maybe you should take a little time to ponder THIS. We're midgets. We're fleas!