maybe it's just because i pay attention

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But it seems to me there is an uptick in subtle and not so subtle racist suggestion out there, and I don't mean the people bitching about Ofucker. We all know that's not a racist undertaking... even from the faction insisting he was born in Kenya. No. It pops up in comments in disparate places. People's fear of the looting and carnage financial collapse and/or uprising will herald in. Morton was talking about the oligarchs' plot to depopulate Africa for free range of all resources and perhaps a livable place after the rest is too radioactive... whatever... more than just these.

Don't go there. Pick whatever way you feel is best for you, and rise instead. You aren't going to be any help for this, no matter what position you take, until you do that. Your spirit. Your heart. Your heart mind. THAT must be out of the glue pit and transmitting with a strong signal around the world. Do it. No excuses. Do it.