there isn't going to be any problem with this

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I am heading down to Mendo World for an early morning MRI before my dentist appointment. I'm not sure if Peggy and Jim are stuck with me for the full week between appointments or if I have to go all the way down to Marin again or just how the heck much running around this will entail. I guess the films will do part of the thinking for me.

Anyway, this means lots of blots of time offline and/or sneaking onto someone else's computer to check in and posts on an even more jumbled "schedule" than usual, but I should not be off your radar completely for very long. I'm on top of this.

I'm up for this rest-of-the-world nonsense, and if anyone makes this too aggravating... well... there's that inner Jack to make sure the chicken is going between someone ELSE'S knees. I'm on it.


Made it just fine and dandy. Discovered my go cart tells you when it wants an oil change and doesn't stop telling you until it gets one. I am resolved not to break the dash. Discovered that I am not thinking of my fellow motorists as my compatriots anymore. They have become The Enemy. WHEN DID THEY STOP MAKING PEOPLE PASS DRIVERS ED IN HIGH SCHOOL IN ORDER TO GRADUATE? And let me at the people who did this.

Of course, it's July. Tourists.

But still....

I'm going to be hauled out of my special little sleeping loft in about forty-five minutes, so I better hurry up and fall asleep.