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There's so much in here my visitors want to know about I don't know where to start.

One thing is for sure, if you get cancer, you want to go straight to the internet before you even consider taking your doctor's advice. Yes, yes, I'm interested in the subject, but it keeps on popping up everywhere. SO many people with different stories of total cures, even for incurable and/or inoperable cancers, even for Stage IV, and ALL of them insisting that chemo and radiation both weaken you so much that THEY are what kills people. But there's more, way more in here.

If I were having to choose between the four parts, I would go for part three, three and four, two and three and four, but all of it is full of stuff we, from Out There to Earthbound, want to think about.



HERE you find a nice hour of mellow presentation by Dr. Welby and a sardonic friend about the potential for Fukushimas in the United States. They explain in excruciating detail what happened in Japan, and even as they are talking about nightmare scenarios and events that will DEFINITELY kill hundreds of thousands, probably millions, and seem to be advocating against nuclear power, they come off as almost soothing. You will find yourself wanting to relax about it a little if you don't keep reminding yourself what they're saying.

I have a problem. I don't believe in the purity of their intention. I think this talk was given and put up on the tubes to set us up for the belief that terrorists will simply crack a dam and nuke, say, Omaha. Or even just let us believe that a freak earthquake in North Dakota has nuked, say, Omaha. Or make an earthquake to blow a dam to blame on some homegrown terrorists who will have nuked, say, Omaha. I know, I know, I'm paranoid, fear-mongering, a conspiracy nut, Out There, childish and I'm worse than Fox Mulder when it comes to trusting these people, but I think we should be posting CITIZENS at the dams to counter any woodpecker harmonics or bust any false flaggers who may be skulking around.