the war you DO see, if you look

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And, look, I'm sorry about all the huge investments of time I keep linking, but almost everything I link has stuff in it that people REALLY need to heed, and it seems a bunch of the big ones are coming in a lump. I wasn't going to link THIS, even though it is very, very good, because we already know this stuff and think about it, but it bears on this Pilger catastrophe in a way that might light up synapses and keep them lit. So, I'm sorry, but, yes, take a day off work, or call in sick to your daily routine, get over your video and audio aversion, skip the reality shows, or whatever, so you can go through the last several posts and give them a good checking out. Please.

Blue! refers to this stuff as taking care of your health, going to the gym, taking your vitamins, getting strong and positive against all these overt attacks on our strength and vitality. It's more important than all that other stuff. If you NEVER stop treating the bit about BEING the change as something to incant in discussion, a quote that invokes feelings of solidarity, it will stay a slogan, a yellow ribbon sticker on your brain and heart, MEANINGLESS. It's like what Ben Stewart, young as he is, says. Ours is a culture of permanent children. They can't control GROWNUPS.