seven and a half years ago

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I don't know if you want to bother, but I had the idea that it would be good to go back and listen to what Ian Lungold was saying to us in the last couple years of his life. This was from early 2004. I think he pretty much sucked at specific predictions, but he had a lot of important things to say, stuff that is desperately still relevant. I had to turn the volume down not to be made irate by Mitch Battros' voice and general dimness, but Lungold had it down about consciousness, about how we cause the world to be done to us. I'm struggling here for the word I want about him that will impart what I mean.

He was a Mayan calendar kind of guy. There are a lot of his talks on the tubes. I don't care much about all that beyond awaiting the insight that comes from experience of a milestone about which we are all wondering. Most of us are invested at all in this date because we all know these alternative types, some of them, are right about an awful lot that really matters, that it's not just our media and our government holding us down, keeping us in the dark, but also our universities, the vast majority of the people we've been taught to revere as "experts". Even if we won't admit it even to ourselves, I think most people who have been paying attention are drawn to stuff we've always been drilled to feel are nut cases, because many of them, when you finally get down to listening, are clearly not nut cases by any stretch. Many of them make more sense than anyone you ever heard before, but ALL of them have bits of the real deal to share. We must "be in our center" and discern what's right and what's off the mark, but this was how we were supposed to be learning all along... not taking the mainstream's word for a bit of it... not just going along because that's what teachers and parents and the people you meet expect from us.

The good part about Lungold is not so much in the words he said as in the timbre and flow of them. I remember being boggled that I ended up wanting to pay attention to the whole shootin' match on a particularly long lecture of his, and it was not even the language as much as something flowing through them, something else flowing through them that is not considered language at all. Something like that. I think the loss of him may have been a little more consequential than most people would acknowledge. So, but, if you want to check this out, I do counsel you keep the volume down. The quality of the audio isn't great anyway.