synchronicity after synchronicity lately

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Tonight it was jo6 bringing up a Lindauer piece on 9/11 and me answering that I can't seem to make myself read her stuff because of her victim's compensation way of saying everything. The very next place I went was over to see what was cooking on Rense's page and he had an interview with her up. I thought, okay, I can listen if I can't make my eyes track what she writes. Sure enough, she was there making sure we all view this asset for a CIA handler as the goto guy for all things Libya, and I'm cringing but listening, and trying to see how I could not be such a brute about this, considering going back to jo6's link to try again, but losing heart, when, pft, another opportunity presented itself immediately. She's all over the fuckin' map, also it seems the goto guy for all things Iraq, and just blurting out stuff with no supporting wisps of even sentence structure, let alone links.

I'm an important intelligence asset for someone at the CIA and I've had everything to do with a bunch of international tragedies and they put me in jail for it and tried to smear me as a madwoman, and just take my word for suspicious vans at the WTC before the day, and you better know that a mini nuke is thermite and that's what they were planting there while me and my high level associates were trying to warn the heck out of everyone.

Oh, SHUT up.

I have noticed a distinct uptick in the noise about thermite since Judy Wood's book came out. Richard Gage had been on overdrive, and OBNOXIOUSLY so, and, of all things, GOOGLE ended up forcing him to unsubscribe me from his mailing list! I know you've heard me ranting about that before. One cannot unsubscribe from his mailing list, despite all the links given that purport to help you get that accomplished. I had EVEN complained to his webmaster. Zero, zip, nada, bubkes. So I started marking it as spam... and I think a lot of other people must have started doing similarly because a few days ago another missive from him came in and Gmail had a bubble over it asking if I'd like THEM to unsubscribe me! I would. I did. And threw that email too into the spam folder in case THEY also fail in this endeavor.


Anyway, I have had my process of metanoia and repented and apologized and sworn to do better, so... I just need to point out that, more and more, I feel uneasy about the thermite gang. I think there really is something bad wrong there, and it's damn depressing. I won't be getting in any fights with people over it, but, well, let's be careful out there.