doug is pouting because i think this is bullshit

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At this very moment, according to a spokesperson from the organizers, there are about 150 people "occupying" Liberty Plaza which is almost adjacent to Wall Street. Maybe it will go back to 300 or even 500 on the weekend. There are some bleatings for people to call in sick, but not even the free pizza from "people all over the country" and ice cream donated by Jerry himself seems to be having the desired effect. And despite the bitching over the "media blackout", I see Bloomberg and CNN have covered it. Of course, Flux is there, so we will have ample coverage if we but choose to look. There is or was a lady there from New Orleans protesting for COCAINE. Evidently she's chuffed because Wall Street is hogging it all, and that so is a matter of grave import, as you can readily agree.

Maybe we could give some relief by donating some takeout Chinese....

If we keep it up, maybe at least the homeless can get FED for a change.


He thinks, evidently, I'm naive for advocating ghost dancing... for being a dumb injun who doesn't know bullets penetrate ghost dance shirts. Most Westerners think that way. Like the way they think about DODOS. No. What it takes is people dropping their conditioning and getting actual insight for once, SEEING what matters, becoming THAT, instead of this, and utterly taking oneself out of the evil. Bullets can't penetrate that shirt insofar as THAT you can't die. It's like Gandhi telling people they had to be able to walk smilingly into a hail of bullets. It doesn't work if you can't do this... can't smile as they gun you down, or can't ghost dance in the face of their perfidy.

These campers in New York have been called to duty by people in Kevin Zeese's little circle of paycheck-garnering "nonprofits". They seemed to have dropped their affiliation with Anonymous, because people were dreading the Expect Us crap, and rightfully so. One could expect to get on a list by joining them. One can still expect it, and even if one couldn't or didn't care, one would find themselves having wasted a lot of effort to be the new Code Pink. One could join the circus and then content oneself with the notion that "At least I tried." Well, no, you didn't at least do that. You wasted some energy in futility. If this were five or six years ago, okay, maybe it could still have been counted as trying, but, by now, no ADULT thinks this is trying. No ADULT thinks this is aimed at effectiveness. This is equivalent to signing a motherfucking online petition in force and effect.

Let me know when these shits have their tents pitched on the trading room floor, okay?

I'm not holding my breath.

Don't give me any "Gandhi" crap either. Read him and THEN you can open yer yap about Gandhi.