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But it seems to be coming out all over the "truther" community, despite massive distrust of both Wilcock and Fulford, because there is SOME EVIDENCE that it may be true, or truthy-like. I hear that sinkholes are appearing all over Virginia and Colorado, but only find evidence for them in Virginia, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE. You will note that at the end of Wilcock's post he states they were not nukes, but some sort of air compression that decimated both underground bases... and, indeed, just as with 9/11, there was a large HURRICANE proximate to the epicenter of the Virginia quake.

I tried twice to listen to the audio that comes with the piece, but failed both times. I will try again now.

Fantastical as all this might sound, in an atmosphere of complete secrecy, evidence of major perfidies in every direction, with a radically dumbed public, a radically deceived cognoscenti, and real weapons that "make nukes seem like kitchen matches"... well... you can't expect it to be presented exactly as you'd have it. We ALL would LOVE to have news outlets with impeccable integrity to just tell us everything we need to know, but we don't have any of those. We maybe never did, but only believed we did, and only now have come to find out just how insufficient to our purposes they have been.

EVERYONE is concerned about all the earth changes and catastrophes we've been experiencing in recent years. Sinkholes are COMPLETELY natural sequela of COMPLETELY natural earthquakes, ESPECIALLY in urban areas where water and sewer and gas mains have been leaking and eroding away the ground under the streets and homes, but... so many towns report humming and heavy equipment-like sounds for months on end all night every night... and I even saw a VIDEO of a baseball game where the entire stadium was ringing with it... and we KNOW there are underground bases in both Virginia and Colorado.... So. I don't know. I like Fulford, even if he's a lunatic, and I don't like Wilcock, but catch him saying some highly intelligent and ultra-lucid things in between all that folderol he cranks out, and there ARE mainstream sources for some of this.... So. So I post.


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