i am bottomlessly grateful for all people trying to speak english

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It makes me feel so much stronger to know there are people out there really bothering to make themselves understood here, and that can be nothing but good. It is born of pure spirit and each of them has overcome all manner of energy drains to do it for the good of all sentient beings. I'm also grateful to Morris for working so hard to find and record good sources for us. This outstrips any amount of pontification that can be done by scholars and pundits.

Through such means it might be possible to globalize the benefit and mitigate the harm instead of globalizing the harm and mitigating the scope of the benefit.

Do you realize how pernicious the word "globalization" is? How could we not want globalization, solidarity with our brothers and sisters everywhere? Right now it means solidifying us all into a global mass of slaves. All we have to do is flip it, and if we cannot flip it, we all need to retreat behind our borders to make the people strong enough again locally to try again.