my main reservation about the narrative coming from some researchers

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Farrell and Hoagland, for instance, continually talk as though the survival of the Nazis and their technology must be based off world, or literally underground, just generally somewhere we are unable to pinpoint. I don't think they mean this. I think they just do not want to say where they've gotten to.

Notwithstanding all the Paperclip scientists we imported to run our space program, and the ones who went to Russia, and the ones who went to South America, there is just no reason to believe these guys are anywhere but right here, no matter what "right here" you care to call to mind. Nazis had all kinds of elite support here and abroad. They would not have come to power without it. They were, and are, completely the creation of extremely powerful oligarchs, most of whom were and are as Jewish as Bibi Netanyahu. I mean to say it has nothing whatever to do with The Chosen and everything to do with a very few who are certain they have been chosen to herd all humanity any old way they please, using it, farming it, exploiting it, to get what they want. This would be THE prime reason to continue to make SUCH a big deal out of the Holocaust. Mindfucking everyone away from the fact that there is no distinction at all between what is generically known as the PTB, or Illuminati, and Zionists. It keeps us all busy with our Hatfield and McCoy gig, playing the blame game. It generates endless iterations of controversy and polemicizing and pontificating. Oceans of obfuscation.

The beauty of paying attention to these guys is to get the idea that things are not as they seem, and to get an inclination of the properties and powers of the application of torsion physics... also called scalar physics... and what I just call Tesla physics, because Tesla seems to have been the first in the modern era to grasp and apply it.

I need to recommend you listen to Hoagland in this PLAYLIST, despite how much I revile many aspects of his bullshit, his seriously irksome, piggish, personality problems, and despite his presumption with Dr. Wood's work, because notwithstanding his Boy Scout crap with Obama and the sickening old Exceptionalism, he gives a pretty good look into it for the layperson. The whole playlist is worth listening to for a number of reasons, but I know you probably hardly have time to deal with Hoagland's despicable flaws to get at the kernel. Do listen to it all if you can swing it.

Just quit the benighted writhing in the mindfucks of politics and conditioning, and remember to try to spot this same handicap in the speakers, so you can catch a glimpse at what is actually going on, what is actually being done to us.