you will think me presumptuous

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But I should replace Steve Jobs.

I can tell he and I would have gotten along really well. People bitch about how hard he was to work for, that he wasn't appreciative enough of the effort people put into their work, wasn't polite. That is a cultural convention that has held us back to an unspeakably radical degree. People are SO stupid about compassion, preferring to act it out in daily little skits with each other over really having it, really being it. People prefer to stick in a blocky and cozy comfort zone and call it good, when there is NO progress in that. They think if they really act as though they grok the imperatives and put in a bunch of extra hours not advancing out of their comfort zone, that this will be rewarded, that this will blackmail the boss into approving work that is not good enough. Never mind that they are perfectly capable of doing work that fits the bill. That's out of their comfort zone. That way lies the threat of failure. The blackmail is safer. So that's what they do. Jobs made people drop that act and perform. It wasn't only good for him. It raised the quality of life for everyone who would meet his specs and for us too.