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My initial take on this guy was that he's too fixated on the notion that Jews are the entire problem for the entire world. I find it hard to listen to that stuff, even as I also cannot believe the amount of awfulness that is entirely due to the influence of Jews. Really, I think if we adopt Michael Tsarion's distinction between Jewish and Judite we can get out of this mental trap. With this in mind, I have girded myself to listen to Stone trying to explain the whole thing to Kerry Cassidy. The ONLY reason I'm doing this, taking the handful of ibuprofen needed to stick with anything involving Kerry Cassidy, is that Ben Fulford—who LIVES in Tokyo—believes this scenario.

I don't think he would have fought with Rense over how radioactive Tokyo is if Tokyo were as radioactive as Rense believes. And I can't skip past the part where we see the tsunami washing away buildings that were perfectly intact after a so-called 9.0 earthquake. That one is HARD TO REFUTE, and for however crazy you might find Ben Fulford, you'll probably agree he wouldn't be trying to mitigate the radioactivity problem at home.