satan works at google

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No matter how many cadavers in Africa are roaring, Satan is alive and well at Google. It has been established that, at least for right now, if you do not have cookies fully enabled on your browser, you cannot comment on this blog. You cannot even have them set to dump when you close the browser. I think we should take action similar to that at the police station, here, to rid ourselves of the evil juju.

I am sorry about this. I am going to do something about it at some point. Truly. This is making me very, very angry.

So, anyway, if you have been wanting to say something here but have been prevented for no discernible reason, this is why. You just have to open yourself up for every conceivable cookie and you can blather away just fine. This being the case, if I find myself having to say something on a Blogger blog, I will open up the browser to the cookies, say my piece, and then immediately remove all cookies and reset not to accept them. I realize this is a major hassle, but I guess it is going to have to do until either I can find another platform or we all can have control of our own machines again.



I am off down the garden path, listening to a documentary about Phil Schneider, and so perforce enduring Richard Dolan in spots. It is putting me in mind of this thing where we don't listen to people because we don't like the cut of their gib. I know I have a bad problem with this, and Joely and I are on about it with the stuff from Stone regarding the despicable situation in Japan. It's crossing my mind, trying to turn into natural, that just because someone is obviously a self-seeking bag full of vanity doesn't mean that they cannot ever be right or not ever be telling something worth considering. Just because someone is right 'round the bend doesn't mean they are not in contact with something deeply true. Just because my guts kick whenever I come in contact with evidence of certain idiots' existence doesn't mean there's nothing there for me to learn.

I really have to get this completely straight inside... including not really listening once I put myself to listening....