lol, three hours!

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One of Ben's deadlines is here. It's the 31st in Japan. And already Wilcock is up with three hours of blathering with a brand new insider. Vetted in a four-hour conversation, no less.

Don't ask me. I just switched it on. I don't expect you to put yourself through it, but I guess I'm just gonna let it play here while I try to make food out of refrigerator scrapings. It's been raining cats and dogs nonstop for many days. I'm trying to see if I can't outlast it, but it's already thrown me into the sleep-all-day-up-all-night mode in a big way.

This works well for covering the gaps in our global date thing. I'll let you know if I find more while yer sleeping.


Being almost all the way through this thing I can tell you that you will not be missing anything if you just start halfway through it. I can also tell you that if these guys are lying, they should be hunted down and shot.