an idea whose time has come

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So far as I've heard, there has not been any corroboration of the alleged mortgage forgiveness in Iceland, only sites with comments saying it was a misreading of a move to ease the terms of some loans, and others that insist it is an outright cancellation of all the fraudulent loans. I say each side of this argument has about equal weight because anyone googling for more sources only comes up with proposals to ease terms in some countries, including Iceland, which VERY conceivably were posted to derail anyone looking for backup sources for the teleSUR report.

This is happening more and more. Astute internet types can post stuff with tags on it to DEFLECT people's eyeprints from the real story. Seriously. I see people griping about it more and more. Welcome to Mindfuckistan.

Anyway, this IS an idea whose time has come, and I hope to be bringing you more evidence of it.