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Pot calling kettle black.

Actually, just another denizen of Out There using Ben to make himself sound like a critical thinker. Only, of course, he doesn't sound like a critical thinker at all. He sounds much further out there than Ben does and less lucid.

Clif High makes my aura contort. He lives in a mental bubble, and uses his intelligence to juxtapose phenomena such that they produce a dignified image of himself. The problem with using people and things and events like a chess game in a hall of mirrors is that at some point one reaches a remove in the infinite regress that is so removed from objectivity that anyone with half a brain can tell truth is no part of what concerns you, even when the stakes might literally be on the scale of a mass extinction event.

People tend to cite Clif High because he blathers numeracy as though it were an indicator of both his veracity and verity itself. Balderdash. Fucking moron. Posturing paragon poseurizations masturbating mindfucks meretriciously namedropping existential envy endlessly. Stop it!


I feel that Ben should somehow be pointing at ongoing readings to allow for the possibility that his readings were faulty, or that the situation may have changed since he measured, but I'm really sick of having to wade through all the SEVERE personality defects giving vent to themselves in cyberspace. Because, of course, they infect mindscape. Their radioactivity might be more lethal than Fukushima.

I'd also like to point out that, irrespective of the metrics, the nukes have to be neutralized, prevented from further harming living things. I don't think you will ever catch Ben Fulford arguing this point. I don't think Ben would like to live in a lethally radioactive environment, much less declare to the world that Tokyo isn't more radioactive than it was before the catastrophe if it were not the truth to the best of his ability to discern it. Does Clif really want to say that Ben Fulford is a genocidal maniac? Is that so?

I'd like to point out that not one of us was able to determine the pre-quake background radiation norms for our localities, and had to make do with what approximations we could find from sources we found more reliable than official ones.

So one must wonder if Ben had good information on this point when he went about measuring around Tokyo, but then one must really wonder what information High is going off, because, excuse me, HOW can he, or anyone, tell? I am imagining that Ben had a reasonable basis for trusting his measurements, even if they might not have been reflecting what he thought they were reflecting. I am imagining that Clif might have a lucid basis for noting increased radiation where he lives, but, from direct experience, I would like to know how he can state it is due to Fukushima and not, say, to the tons of barium being dumped on us daily from the sky over the last decade or so. I would like Clif High to take a long walk off a short pier if he can't start talking like someone to whom truth is more important than his clammy little ego problems.