clif high is NOT a shaman

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I didn't want to listen, but I'm me, so I had to.

Fulford never says he's an economics expert. He does say his position at Forbes enabled him to get with people in high places.

Clif High explains it's "easier", his father being from Missouri, to adopt a "show me" position in this matter. It sure is. However the easier route he's taking does NOT equal careful deliberation. It equals copping an attitude. It equals convenience, NOT critical thinking. It offers multiple opportunities for glibness, and it serves him to be lazy and envious to conserve his energy for bragging.

Fulford announced a long time ago that the ninjas his friends wanted to unleash on the cabal were NOT going to be deployed, because any bad guys they took out would simply be replaced and things would proceed as before. High is emphatic that this army of assassins thing is what Fulford is peddling, that this is the "fantasy" Fulford is "spewing". No. It's the fantasy High is spewing, and provides an avenue for him to brag about his involvement with martial arts... even if he confesses later that he doesn't have the fundamentals of it down even yet. THAT was a true statement. Those who DO have the fundamentals down, WILL go on the attack when sentient beings are being harmed, and, NO, using violence does NOT mean you aren't nonviolent. It means you grasp that sometimes violence is necessary to save living things from harm. So, if Fulford's friends had decided to go with the original idea, they'd've had plenty of takers, true humans all.

Gold is NOT "the whole banking scam". Monetization itself is the whole banking scam and just about everyone is complicit. SINCE this is the case, bankers long since got the monetized trinkets from everyone else and gave/give shares in it to their friends, to those who will help them enforce their own status as world dominators. I actually think Fulford is in agreement with me here and talks about all this money raining down on us just in the sense of taking the scam away from the cabal frees everyone to have all the cabal's fake money. I think he talks about it with a mind specifically to encouraging people not to fixate on doom. The fixation itself will do more to bring it on than the machinations of the cabal. And he can do this because almost everyone on earth thinks of money as the way out of strife, the way out of slavery.

And the gold High says Fulford thinks the cabal put in caves is gold Fulford says the Asians put in caves to hide from the cabal.

"An enlightened individual would not fear to be honest in the face of all the deception"... and unenlightened individuals call their own hubris "honesty" and their own self deception "enlightenment" all the time. Creating a web bot for predictive linguistics in NO way makes one a "shaman"... NOR confers any veracity to the "statistics" it pulls from the system of pipes.

High keeps saying he doesn't want to reveal personal stuff and then details it excruciatingly for NO pertinent reason, no reason that bears on the subject. He seems to enjoy tooting his own horn at least as much as Max Igan enjoys it. Yes, yes, EVERYONE thinks the world would be jake if it were only more like they are, but not many of us carry it into bragging about ourselves to the exclusion of making real sense.

IF High knew normal background radiation levels, WHY has he never published them? WHERE has he put out in plain English normal background and present background? I only saw one guy do this. The Radiation Network guy and ALL the readings there are well below the levels for concern he posted at the outset. I think High's readiness to call Fulford a liar is based on lying being part of his own mentality. He resorts to it for his own reasons, and so projects that's what Fulford is doing.

"People aren't buying 'collective works' anymore." Code for "people aren't buying the Web Bot 'collective works' [aka predictions] anymore." Herein lies the WHY High doesn't like to get into. He is picking this fight... attention seeking... because people aren't buying what he has to sell anymore. Picking this fight gets him back in the limelight. Taking cheap shots for self-promotion and profit.

High says he doesn't like people speculating. He means he doesn't like OTHER people speculating. He speculates for a living. HIS wuwu is the valid wuwu and if you think I'm good at the declarative voice. Sheesh. He's got it down.

Michael Tsarion might be his hero, but, clearly, he hasn't taken it to heart.

High is emphatic that he won't have the crap about a better world. This is abject cynicism, and AS baseless as abject optimism.

High gets really psychedelic in his little riff on intent. Intent has NOTHING to do with control of one's thoughts OR one's body. It is ONLY one's motive energy. One has control over that. One can clean up what motivates one's actions by working out all the malignancies in one's own psyche. If Michael Tsarion is his hero, we could expect him to have a grip on this by now. Nope. He's just spewing his self-congratulation over his own, deluded, take on things, and trying to flatter Henrik by mentioning his friend this way.

He ends up admitting the radiation might NOT be from Fukushima, but STILL doesn't apply this to his thoughts about Fulford. In fact, why is Clif High having NO trouble calling Benjamin Fulford a killer if he is so "moral", so given to "self-examination"?

I don't know exactly how much of what Ben Fulford says is based in reality and how much is based on speculation, but I have spent hours and hours and hours on the question of his intent and cannot find a stick of mal-intent in any of it. Whereas I never have to listen for long before I start getting hits of Clif High's self-serving intentions. WHERE does he get off calling himself a shaman? That is particularly galling to me, but it's also a real question.

The presets conditioned into each and every one of us dictate we disbelieve Fulford if we want to be seen as level-headed critical thinkers. The FACT of it is that precisely this locks us into our doom, a future of abject slavery without the niceties we've enjoyed up to this point in history. So, even if what Fulford has been telling us is 100% wishful thinking, it STILL has merit for two reasons: [1] it may conjure the resistance from people in certain positions that it purports is already there; [2] it provides an avenue for enough people to turn their fixation from Certain Doom to Maybe We'll Make It, which of itself makes room for making it. There is a third reason, and it might even be Ben's motivation, and that is that making this story popular enough will make the cabal paranoid, make them start seeing Their Own Doom where the whole of their energy has gone into plotting ours. This would speed their demise.

I'm not going to bother about Wilcock and Drake here because I don't think either is motivated purely, and High really only mentions them peripherally. It's clear to me his target is Ben Fulford. Well, it's clear to me his target is publicity and he wants to use Fulford to get it... just throwing them in to seem democratic while working off his hard-on for Ben having exposed him as a fear monger.