i'm sorry to bring this up again

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But I have to mention about having been caught in thrall of a marketing technique that has probably put more than one woman in the lunatic zone. If the model for these leggings is female, she's standing on her tip toes inside those boots... or she's at least six feet tall... and proportioned supremely atypically for an Asian, for a human woman... and I submit that if you are going to go with her feet being all the way in those boots, you're going to have to allow as how she didn't start out female.

I notice this problem fairly frequently in the pile of fashion magazines where I go to get my hair cut. They're making a big hairy deal out of all the photoshopped women in the magazines, but rarely mention about the women with men's legs driving thousands screaming naked off a cliff. It's just not PC or something.

Well, I've been nailed by this trick for two days. I keep thinking I can manage legs that long if I just find the right engineer boots and leggings, forego a hunnert or so meals for them....