fear but fear itself

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It strikes me that THIS GUY makes THIS GUY sound like a Zen master.


I have been off slicing the dreamtime like orca in the icy north Pacific. It must've been my backlog piling down on me because no amount of getting up kept me up until I was done.

I had brought CORREA and CHAVEZ and AHMADINEJAD safely through a long traverse of logging roads booby-trapped with ambush assassin encampments. After getting them through, I went back to my starting place in case more needed my help, but only tourists came and couldn't seem to comprehend as I recounted it.

I had trouble with a post on my old blog. I wondered what the fuss was about.

Much more, but it's too indistinct.


I have not gone back to see if I can safely reinstate my font yet. Do you find this one more readable? Would you prefer I keep the Courier, or try to go back to the Josephin Sans? I want to have Helvetica Neue, but can't seem to make it happen on my template... yet. I like the sans better than this, but find this one clears up some little problems of clarity. So I'm wondering if any of you feel strongly one way or the other.



There's plenty to fear along with fear itself, just maybe not as importantly over all.

You most certainly can love others if you don't love yourself. In fact, in order not to be charmed by selfishness, vanity, self-love, narcissism, you might want to consider the matter carefully.

Everything is not information. Plain information is not the end all be all. If you haven't seen by now that what you only call information can quite cogently be better described as mindfucking, who does that serve?

Absolute power corrupts only the corruptible. If you keep insisting on this claptrap, you are announcing to God and Everybody that you are unworthy of our attention. No. Really.

Anyone insisting you should not believe them but do your own research has just fallen for a slick meme to make themselves sound more believable, whether they are or are not believable. If you count up the times you hear that each day, and then project out the time it would take to actually do that, you will soon see that you will have to live to be five hundred and, even then, be late for all of it anyway. Still, some using this meme may be banking on exactly that.

If you are spouting "nonviolence" out of fear of bodily harm, you aren't nonviolent. You are a coward who values your own skin over everything else. Gandhi wouldn't hear of such pusillanimity. To be his kind of nonviolent, and Martin's, you had to be able to walk smilingly into a hail of bullets. The hitch nowadays is everybody — violent and nonviolent — wants everybody else to do it... even if they have to resort to space aliens to keep covered.

Beware the military/industrial complex. Eternally sound advice.

Love over fear. Eternally The Way.