it's getting to be that time of year again

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And I'm imagining so many people watch Ed's stuff, despite so much of it so readily proved utterly false, because he has indeed come up with a few radical inconsistencies that demand our brains expand. I imagine. I imagine because I know a few people really believe every word he says. I'm coming to find that just about everyone on the tubes can garner a few people to believe every word they say, and this holds across the board, from people who tell 100% truth to people who tell 0% truth. But those can only be a couple hundred, at most, for anyone.

The rest must be doing it for entertainment purposes only. Seriously. There will be a few, like me, who watch once in a while to try to become familiar with the mentality, but mostly it must be gawkers.

Ed, though, is the one who pointed out the roaring discrepancy in the Phoenix debacle a few years ago. The complete lack of any blood on Gabby Giffords or the aide who supposedly held her to him until the ambulance arrived. The pictures of her on the stretcher and him beside it have no blood anywhere in evidence, not even a pink spot.

There are so many outright ludicrous comparisons in this video that I barely can think where to start. Still, the contrived nature of so many of the awful scenes in modern history is pervasive, and people should think about it. I've been here a long time. I am famous for the "democracy" of my friendships, across the spectrum, from the most famous to utterly invisible homeless people. I may not be an expert in every extent of the human being, but there is outright no resonance with anything that could conceivably grow into a Loughner or a Hinckley. So. Well. Even someone as maniacal as Ed has his contribution, I think, and every once in a while I pay attention.