like shooting fish in a barrel

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We just never stop falling for it.

I have had a devil of a time with the sound on this puppy. Not only doesn't the volume go up high enough to really hear it while you're, say, doing the dishes or cooking, but Troy McLachlan's voice is too round to pick out the words when you can't hear it well.

So I tried the YouTube VERSION. No help.

So what I ended up doing was going to the source code and ripping off the MP3 so I could use the manual settings on iTunes to bump up the volume enough to accommodate me.

It was worth all the work. I love this whole theory. It starts from before earth was part of the solar system and runs all the way through to the psychopaths taking over everything. I don't hold with every stick of it, but it uses the electric universe to good effect and it explains the genesis of our immortal power structure.

I keep wanting to scream at everyone that our economies are total bullshit, that it's all an arbitrary game that relies on our agreeing that the people in power are in power. Nobody ever seems to cotton onto what I'm saying. Everybody always sticks to the fish in a barrel scenario... for millennia.... It's flabbergasting.

So, if you want the whole thing in ornate detail, you can go hunt down the sundry appearances on Google, or go to his SITE, or you can give this two and a half hours a go. I really recommend you take the time.