i have been wondering the same thing

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I admit it has become successively easier to start wondering this after that image of the Arizona congresswoman being wheeled off to the ambulance with not a trace of blood on her or on the aide who supposedly held her until help came. But even without that glaring sense discontinuity, I think I'd be thinking it anyway now.

People don't do this stuff. They do. I could swallow it being something that happened once every seventy or a hundred years. That might square with my idea of how likely this stuff is. So, then, if you factor in that I have pretty much stuck to darn nice people in my stint on this plane, maybe we could reasonably pare that down to once every thirty to fifty years. You could argue me down that far, I think.

But this is completely fictional. Truth stranger than fiction you say? Yes. Absolutely. But the scale doesn't stop there. You keep going and fiction holds the day. I can't help it, my friends. I think this is fiction.

For years, we have all been terrified they would nuke us or vaporize a plane in midair. We go immediately to ten alarms the moment we find out about a disaster drill. Fudd was, beyond a doubt, loaded for nukes and we were scrambling around our desks, groping for ways to bust him in advance.

Cinderella gets s/elected.

All those ninnies out there insisting he's a covert good guy? This could explain it. He comes in and pleads to his masters, "No, no, no. This is too crude. Instead of nuking Portland, we do a series of psychotic gunmen, back them into their paranoid corners, get their guns." And then it comes down to, "Well, it's actually better to pretend to do these killings because it's too hard to control if we don't." Maybe the ninnies feel this to be him saving lives? I'm imagining that fiend to be up there wiping away an imaginary tear over the imaginary slaughter as some sort of smug psychedelic moral relativist calculous and the ninnies are honing in on that energy.

Don't get me wrong.

That does not make him a good guy. That does not even make him a relatively good guy. It makes him every bit as fiendish as Fudd. He's more than made up for any slaughter he might have spared here with the slaughter he has prosecuted out there. And anyone, anyone, anyone in that position who does not call the nation to arms against the filthy fucks responsible for all this is one of the filthy fucks. Period.

I don't agree with Morris that the media creeps need be in on it at all. Yes, they do act as crucial cogs in this wheel, but their complete lack of any notion of checking what they're told renders them 100% of the useful idiot variety. If there were a one of them assigned to Sandy Hook who noticed a dearth of bodies or blood, they wouldn't open their mouths for a million bucks... but we don't even need to contemplate that, because anyone with the sense to notice that or report it has long since been shoved out of the business or died of old age.

Anyway, I wanted to bring this up because I find myself grateful as heck for the existence of Morris. That guy, all by himself, is out there trying to get a bead on what's actually going on. I never miss what he puts out for us. It's not always dead on, but he brings some great perspectives to us, and when somebody corrects him on something, whoa, he says, "Thank you." He's way opinionated, but I can't think of anyone who tries harder to keep it within the bounds of the actual. It's as though he were some kind of throwback or something. I love the guy.

I just so seriously can't donate anything to show my gratitude. If you can, please do. He deserves support.