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Seems they are still swinging at Ben, and Ben is still swinging back.
RE: NWO defeated B.S.
> You state that the NWO has been defeated. If this is the case, why
> then is the Federal Reserve still producing worthless paper? Cities
> being sprayed with chemtrail poison? Obama trying to steal our
> firearms? FEMA camps still open and waiting to receive? Fluoride in
> our water? And the list goes on....
> You never respond to any of my questions. Why is that? Do you not have
> the answers? Or is it because I am not on your account? Ben, the only
> thing I want is the truth and to know that there is HOPE for mankind.
> I am tired of the Kabal crushing our hope and dreams of a better
> future. Im tired of secrets and disinformation. Im tired of a$$holes
> trying to make a dollar off the fear of the people. If you have time
> to add a person to your bank account, you have time to respond to
> these questions.

Thanks for your critical feedback. The New World Order as I define it was a Nazi cabal that was trying to start World War 3 in order to set up a totalitarian one-world government.

My understanding is that they have been defeated and that plans for WW3 have been stopped. My contacts in the pentagon and the agencies make it very clear they will disobey any orders to attack American citizens or put them in concentration camps.
That does not mean that all is well, however, because the Old World Order faction the NWO was fighting is still in power in many countries, notably the US. That is why we are now moving to phase two of our two-pronged campaign against the fascist forces. That is all I can say right now because we do not want to tip our hand.

Also, I would like to point out that I am sick and tired of critics like you who scold us for not doing any more than we are (at the very real risk to our lives) while you sit at home and do nothing but be an arm-chair quarterback. If you feel impatient, start taking direct, personal action.

In any case it is not over until it is over but my understanding is that huge funds will soon be made available to finance a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.
This is part of the axis that puts Cinderella in the role of "relatively good guy"... and I keep feeling the need to point out that, while that math might work for people trying to finesse a good outcome without having themselves suicided, it doesn't cut the mustard.

Still, whatever the truth of the matter, Ben's Thing still has a ring of truth to it. It isn't just that I can't find him lying. It's also due to the intense feeling I was getting back in 2006 or 2007 that there were two oligarchical forces warring, that there was the Fudd/Rove Axis trying to overthrow an older, less visible cabal. It even crossed my mind that Pappy Bush was of the OWO, while Dubya's support system was the NWO. That the OWO wanted to maintain the ruse, and the NWO wanted to drop it, go for broke, quit hassling with all the covert crap and get slaughtering us all for real.

Might even break down to German-style Nazis vs. Israeli-style Nazis.

I don't know. But I was getting extremely strong hits of this notion back then, and Ben's understanding plays right into this idea. It had to do with certain very public humiliations of public figures right at the very worst possible moment for the NWO's prospects for world domination. Those were impossible, but they happened. Hastert squeezing pages. Dubby's pet preacher with the gay hooker and cocaine. More. Few stopped to consider that even one of those exposés was highly improbable, but all taken together, just flat out no way. And they did serve perfectly to thwart Rove's all-Republican-all-the-time thing... majorly.

But there was no accounting for that if one stuck to our well-worn Us vs. Them paradigm. It just made me crazy to contemplate that it had to be Them vs. Them and all our crap about Us vs. Them was just good old all-American wishful thinking.

As you could probably have guessed, even if I hadn't stated it a bunch of times, I put my foot down and refused to pay attention to all the election crap over the past couple years. I did a darn good job, even with the historic saturation out there. I rock. Still, I think I heard somewhere that Karl Rove was gobsmacked by the Romney loss... that he had skin in the game... that he was the guy in that. Was he? If so, did he think he was the only politico who could throw elections? Did he dream for half an instant that "minority" voters wouldn't be thrilled to take responsibility for obliterating the Average White Candidate? Really?

I ignore progressive putzes as best I can, too, but I know they'll take that action in a New York Minute. All of them. Don't look so shocked.

The hazard, here, Ben, everyone, is the OWO is a cabal of seriously evil fucks. They killed Jack and Martin and Bobby and Malcolm and John. They knew when to back off and let everyone think they had a victory. They knew their henchmen would defect if they ever made it 100%, that they can have all the power in the world so long as they leave a way for their enforcers to delude themselves it serves a greater good.

See, their henchmen are humans.

Which means, Ben, everyone, that these guys assuring us they will not obey orders to kill or incarcerate Americans, are not saying they will suddenly fork over their allegiance to a bunch of hippie do-gooders who wish to squander all that lucre making life better for everyone. It just means they won't sell their souls publicly unless the Devil is extremely careful about it.