you doubters need to listen

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Among other quibbles this interview tries to settle is the frenzy over Fukushima. I mean, I hope you know that I am body and soul against injury to sentient beings, but, seriously, the most sensible conclusion to which one can come is that Fukushima is a psyop.

I know, I know, I know, nothing is ever sensible anymore, but that's what you are supposed to think. That's what you've been conditioned to think. Even if they have a fleet of space ships to take them to paradises far flung, even if they have massive cities full of delights and ultimate ease underground, they are not, not, not, not, not going to sit back and let Fukushima spew death over living things... particularly themselves. They're all still out here running around. They did not disappear when Fukushima hit.

Seriously. Stop freaking about it. You can't be sane if you can't stop being terrified.