don't they have a more up-to-the-minute poll?

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I am trying so hard not to be a baby about this. It's work not to make Putin have to be the guy who risks everything to stop the psychopathic fucks calling the shots in DC, when it is, and has been all along, our responsibility, and the whole blame belongs with us if we don't make this stop. But I see this piece as a signal that Russia might be all talk again about this latest drive for wholesale slaughter. It is, after all, their stated policy — the SCO's — to keep resisting all Western provocations to WWIII until the West is too bankrupt to conduct it. The big flaw in this totally bodhisattva resolution is that the psychopaths will never be bankrupt.

Not the kind of bankrupt that will stop the drive for global control.

I don't think Putin is deluded about this. I think he's just been buying as much time as possible to be as prepared for the conflagration as it is possible to get. That is the very best and strongest possible approach to the inevitable, and if we don't want it to be inevitable, we have to come completely untrained on them before this goes any further. There's a call for global protests on Saturday. Pfeh. I don't think those fucks have to wait for Saturday, or even if they do, what kind of untrained really does stop them?

Since the ninja thing isn't happening, the next best is for everyone to get florid with the people they know who will be a part of implementing the war crimes against Syria, and those in charge of prosecuting all the war crimes. I mean, none of them seems anxious to do anything approximating that, but if we become scarier than the psychopaths, we might get somewhere with them.