democracy whenever! remembers about the snowden leaks

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Of course, this backdoor business is nothing new either. Heck, I figured that out way not long after getting my first Mac. There are so many helpful-to-nobody-but-strangers features on here it's amazing. Of course, I simply don't use them. Why would I? If they're not helpful to me, I'm not going to use them... but how many people see them, and go, "Oh, this will be so helpful," because they are on a Mac? I mean, that is how most people learn. If something appeals to them, they take their cues from it. Like TV shows. Like sexy computers' software. Apps! OMFG, apps! Famous people's political opinions. OpEds in their favorite newspapers. Sound bites they overhear in cool people's conversations. Fashion. Yes, we are a little weary of fads, but it all still works miraculously with more subtle means... or... maybe it's even more blatant, but we're so acclimatized to our mass hypnosis we rarely notice even for a moment that we are being led by the nose to Lemmings' Leap.