i gotta take off my clothes

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There is no pleasing me. I got a couple hours' nap before a tractor at the neighbors' woke me up, and I bumped around, got myself covered and left for town. The wind is blowing crap down off the trees onto everybody, and strongly enough that you feel it trying to buffet your car to the other side of your middle. It seems as though a sirocco is coming off the ocean, but I think it's really that wind from almost due south is bumping up against the air trying to come in off the ocean and it's causing swirly vortices all up and down the west coast. Looks like a system is just doing its merry-go-round imitation over Seattle... and what little wisps I can see on the radar down here seem to be doing about the same thing.

The fires south of me are still not out, and humidity has dropped to practically desert conditions. It went from soggy to sere around here in the space of my nap. I need to be nude, but then the neighbors will look in my windows and stroke out. Everybody's screaming about the radioactive ocean I should not be sitting in, but if I go to the river I'll get bonked with redwood offal.

Goddammit! Put me in charge of this!