friday evening strange-out

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Good to cook to...?


So, I cooked myself some strange-out steak, and found myself and my house getting warmer again after it seemed to want to cool down. So I got up, and opened the last closed window to help cool it down as much as possible. Fuck. I unplugged my roam phone and bought myself an old fashioned land line sometime back, in order that I might make what mitigation I can in the frequency bombardment thing that has come to characterize life on earth. Well, I can't get used to it. I keep trying to walk off with it, and just now I tripped on the phone cord and landed hard, hard as the unenlightened, on both knees and both palms.

I don't seem to have broken anything, but the yell of pain was so loud I am starting to be upset none of my neighbors seem to be bestirring themselves over it, but the old coots probably can't hear over their nightly TV. So this means I better try to work parts of me into my not-a-tub now, or this could become a major problem.

Bad as it is, I'm still not as big a klutz as BB2... but I'm catching up to him.... :o[