people are falling for it

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I do not understand it. Suddenly, over the last few months, we are seeing more and more black celebrities making some really nasty assertions about racism. The Zimmerman/Martin thing was blown out of all proportion in the public space... by people the least likely to have just skipped the facts altogether... but clearly did skip them.

I was particularly startled by Stephen Lendman doing it. I emailed him and expressed my concern, asked him to please, please point me to the bit I missed, the bit that convinced so many that Zimmerman was guilty of murder. He prides himself in answering people's emails. He did not answer that one. He didn't answer me because he couldn't. He just looked at all the big names bleating about it and picked his side of the divide.

So it is not just stupid people falling into this trap.

What I still can't figure out is why black people are working so hard to create it. I could understand if it were only old white righties who just can't get over their bent entitlement issues, but this is perfectly clearly incited by old and young lefties... a lot of them black ones. What?

It isn't that I imagine there is no more racism, that blacks don't have plenty to gripe about, but to have picked this mode of protest, over this particular case, in this day and age, when so many of the loudest are privileged beyond 99% of our dreams... whut?

It isn't about race anymore.

It. Just. Is. Not. About. Race. Anymore.

Quoth Russell Means: We're all indians now.

The division now is economic. It hasn't been about skin for at least a quarter of a century.

WTF is wrong with everybody?