we've been too thin on the fantastical lately

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This will more than make up for the deficit.


Long as we're contemplating high strangeness, I figure I ought to link you to this explanation of the ISON image anomaly. It seems darn reasonable, except for the fact that the image in question was originally put forth as a single image that was used to make the composite of three images that started the whole kerfuffle to begin with.

Are they now saying that they used triple composites to make the original triple composite? Whut? Whut would have been the point of putting out such a nonagonal beast for us to begin with? It's not then a goddam image of actuality. It's crap. It's only pure twaddle if they do that.

Of course, twaddle and crap are highly prized in this day and age, so it could be this anomaly has been cogently explained, no matter how moronic it seems to me, or they're blowing smoke up our asses, which, you have to agree, probability-wise, is just as likely as twaddle being the truth here.