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I was just fuming about where to go to get the best lowdown on our Ofascistcare debacle, grousing and grumbling about why the fuck was Medicare for all too much of a stretch for these filthy fucks, while I was struggling with my street clothes for my monthly trip to entertain my creditors. Adam wonders why he never sees me around. Adam! Where you been? I stay home all month so I can afford to come to town to pay my bills. You're the highlight of my social life. He gave me an extra piece of candy.

So, but, what to my "pleasure", while I was away jo6pac brought me just the link for everyone. This is like getting an extra piece of candy because my serenity starts gushing out my pores whenever I try to pay attention to this stuff.


Oh, and I almost forgot. Here is a quote from a comment on one of those posts:
Bernie Sanders managed to get a big pile of money for public clinics added to the ACA bill in exchange for his vote. That is at least one aspect of the law that does move us in the right direction.
That really was a sterling accomplishment, and may end up doing a little good, but, not to be a bitch or nuthin, these public clinics are for areas like mine that don't have enough doctors to take care of the local population. The clinic built here to remedy this big problem is absolutely chic. No other word for it. Amazing building. A maze of a building. You have to have a high IQ to get in and out of it. You have to not have any medical problems to get out of it satisfied with your care. No. Really. Unless you have a broken leg or a gunshot wound, where they get you an ambulance to the ER a block away, no matter what is wrong with you, your weight and BP and temperature are taken, you get five minutes to explain to a medical professional most apt not to be a doctor, random orders for various tests, none of which pertain to your malady, and numerous prescriptions, most of which don't exactly pertain to it either. No matter how many times you go in there, and no matter how determined you are, and no matter how comprehensive a list you have right there with you, you never leave that building with anything whatever having transpired that will improve your health.

See, the budget is spent on the clinic, not the patients. All those orders for tests are to keep the lab busy, and all those prescriptions are to keep Big Pharma happy. It's a racket. Just like war.