why i try to spend time with sweet things

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And, the one time when I was hoping the Republicans would prove me wrong, they go right ahead and cave in for no reason... without even bothering to muster up a convincing-enough-for-government-work excuse. I mean, I have said plenty times already that the Republicans are hot for Ofrickfuckcare, hotter even than the Democrats, but.... Sigh.

[I had thought I'd linked a piece I found linked on a sidebar Twitter feed, but botched that, and now, the next day, I find it is well I did because it was bogus information. It was a page with screen shots of fake Boehner tweets about giving it up. I can't find it now because I wasn't paying attention to who tweeted it and, actually, it serves me right for clicking on a TwitFace link, I guess, at all. So I guess the Republicans haven't caved yet, and we are still faced with the possibility of not having to deal with this "healthcare" travesty or a default... or some really sucky half measure alternative. In any case, if you ask me, this government isn't shut down enough.]


This is the second time in recent weeks that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has reminded me of Jack or Bobby Kennedy. I say this because that was the last time any high official in our government sounded as candid, and lucid, and grown up, and balanced, and moral. Putin does it too, and Medvedev, but they're usually translated and it's not as easy to get the full picture that way.

It ends up being even more heartening than a sweet little kitten licking its chops.