i fell in

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Which necessitated a fall out, a shake out, a dispersement of neurons all clenched and akimbo... clear all the decks from trying to teach myself how to get the font I want despite my template resisting all measures toward that end. And it's funny the order in which things befall me sometimes. I endured the bionic character of a Thunderbolts Project video on the asteroid that's just turned into a comet, and then endured the gadfly character of Hoagland on Social Darwinism Radio, talking as he does about comets, ISON mostly, and, of course, these give opposing scientific theories, but Hoagland's comes with the news that really dotty oligarchs used their antigravity craft to fly out and put the course of Elenin onto a numerically significant track, and now with ISON, as their ancient religion dictates for keeping control of humanity. Hoagland was the one citing the dirty ice crap, the official line, despite being aware that an asteroid he knows is not ice just turned into a comet. I'm not senile.

I'm close... font-wise... and comet-wise... though fried.