i'm becoming suspicious

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I am beginning to admire the Russians quite a lot... quite more every week or month... and I don't want to be a jaded old harridan who suspects ugliness whenever she gets too happy about things... just have to leave that alone and keep relying only on what I can see with my real eye.

I began burning holes in my bones with my neurons last night over the fantastic over-complication of template concerns since last I did battle with mine. And the plain truth right now is that I have sacrificed my color preferences to satisfy a bunch of colorblind codgers whom I love. Even though I have to live with it and you guys just pop in betimes. The reason the text is this small is because it can't go larger without enraging me over what it does to the font and my layout. I can't tweak the layout to fix the aggravation because I have no choice of fonts which would not blow out on me when I enlarge them... yet.

When I can get my font, then I can fool with the size and layout so that I'm jake with that end of it. This may even come to mean I can fish around for a color scheme I like better and doesn't confuse you senile old dogs. The work toward this is made fantastically even more aggravating because one has to switch browsers to do half or more of the editing tasks, to one I don't want to use for my blog... and then the why of this reality starts grating on my nerves so badly I want to break something. So.

To make matters even worse, Blogger seems to have disabled their "views" option shortly after I began referring people to it to ease their readability probs. I don't know if this is permanent or temporary or they're just picking on me... and... I don't even fucking care anymore. They can just fuck off and die.