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And don't take your eyes off it.

This is your self-portrait, and you have not seen it in too long.

This is what you knew as a little kid and let those cuddly fucks who grew you talk you out of.

You have been asleep for so many decades. Waking up is not about something in the world... not outside of you. Stop. Look. Your ego will get all freaky and try to send all kinds of scary messages to warn you off waking up from it. Its job is self-preservation... the self psychopaths put into you. The ego program has a flaw. It really wants to do its job... ultra-strong programming language. It literally is so convinced it's you and wants to survive so badly it will kill you to preserve itself. This is both the bad news and the good news.

It's the avenue by which you master it. This is unspeakably better than it continuing on the loose to ruin everything... repeatedly... unerringly... rendering you so helpless you can't live in a beautiful world... you can't be a beautiful world.

This has been known by great people for millennia. Everything the psychopaths are telling you leads away from it. They can't control you unless you are dirt ignorant of reality, even as you are demonstrably alive.

I'm not kidding.