they're trying to bend our brains again

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And I don't know which side is doing it. See if you can figure it out.


Personally, I think this says something like, "One Ultimate Independent World Power"... though that is the western hemisphere on that world icon, so it could be, "One Ultimate Independent Western Power"... and since the guy who uploaded it is named James Povolotski, seemingly a graphic designer in Dublin, I'm going with the first translation. And the whole craziness about the title, "231134421", I'm thinking is most probably the upload number at MediaFire, or the file number from his video editor.

So, you got the clock at one. The taijitu has many meanings but the most prevalent are "unity" and "ultimate", though "polar" is big as well. That squiggly symbol [♒] is Aquarius, whose number one most prevalent trait is independence... yes those are waves for the water he's pouring, but it's an air sign, so I'm not sure you should go there. Then the world icon. Then what looks to be an electrical plug icon. I could not find anything to match it online. So I'm going with the simplest translation for that. Power.

Maybe you math geeks want to fuck with those symbols. The clock would almost certainly be a one. The taijitu could be a zero, one or two. Aquarius could be eleven or twelve, depending on if you are going by sun signs or precession of the equinoxes. World would have to be one, no? But that plug gizzy? Beats me, unless, it would mean the power number. The most powerful number is 22, and then 11, which then gets into the 33 thing, but there's a shitload of other ones.

As for the pictures, there are a lot of disasters/false flags, but there are others not so recognizable as that, and one of them is Fidel, et al, with their victory fists in the air. So that's not necessarily anything more than a montage suggesting victory over the psychopaths.

A coded call for revolution, if you will.

You would not believe how crazy YouBube has gone over this... or... likely... you would.


It's the next afternoon and it's just struck me that I forgot to mention a couple of suspicions that floated up while looking at all this. First, those icons at the end seem to also lend themselves to decipherment via binary code, and second, YAWA NUR and RETAW YN ROTCES look like they may want you to find an anagram. Also, as they stand, they suggest the return of something or someone... which is probably what put so many religious nuts onto this in the first place.