a life at least temporarily not completely in vain

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And a good long one... especially since there was that long stretch where the auspices were really not good. I am not at all upset by his passing because he was darn old and outlived almost everyone. I may very soon become very upset by it if all they've been saying about his state of living being the only thing between relative peace and serenity and full bore genocide against the Boers.

I am not linking you to any of the reports of his death or the stories of his life because there will be a very long hard dig before anyone gets to the truth on him without having been him in the first place. Too many people want to think really, really unrealistically great things about him, and recoil from the all too realistically awful things about him, and if truth is our object, we won't be getting near it on this guy for quite some time... if ever.

Thank you for living through prison, Nelson, and rest in peace.